Having a list of keywords that you can target for each page is very important. This will help you to increase the traffic to your site and to make it easier for your visitors to convert to customers. You should target the most important keyword on each page. You should also avoid overlapping keywords and should target long-tail keywords.
Target the most important keyword on every page

Identifying the right keyword for your website is the key to SEO success. The right keyword for your site can be the difference between visitors leaving your site within a matter of seconds and sticking around to browse your products and services.

Identifying the right keyword for your website should be your first step. Once you’ve done that you need to know what to put in the URL for the page. go to website going to have to come up with content that speaks to your visitors in a way that is engaging and compelling. This requires some research to find out what they want to read and see. The right keywords will help you tell Google which page is the most important to your visitors.

The best way to determine the right keyword for your website is to do some keyword research. This will give you the best ideas on what to put in the URL for the page.
Long-tail keywords are more likely to convert traffic into customers

Unlike short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords can generate more traffic and are more likely to convert into customers. This makes them a good choice for websites selling specific products.

A long-tail keyword is a search phrase that includes four or more words. It is usually a more targeted variation of a popular search query.

These keywords are also less competitive than short-tail keywords. This means you will have less competition and have a better chance of converting your traffic into customers.

A long-tail keyword also provides you with a clearer picture of consumer intent. This means you can target customers who already know what they want, making it easier for them to convert.

When you rank for long-tail keywords, you are also likely to receive featured snippets and lower cost-per-leads. Long-tail keywords also give you better ROI and can be sustained in the long run.

One great way to find long-tail keywords is through Google’s “People Also Ask” (PAA) section. This is located near the top of search results page and provides more related queries.
Word count is not a ranking factor in SEO

Whether word count is a ranking factor in SEO is an open debate. Some digital marketers believe it is, while others argue that it is not. Still, word count plays a role in the process. It is important to determine the optimal word count for your pages.

The best word count for SEO depends on your topic and the competition. In general, longer content is better. It gives more space to discuss the topic and offers more value to readers. It also increases the chances of your content ranking higher in search results.

Google’s quality guidelines emphasize that the amount of content on your website depends on the topic. They also mention that content is a key part of any SEO strategy. You should also consider the quality of the text.

There is no magic number of words that guarantees you a top ten rank. However, having more content on your website can help you attract a new audience and increase site traffic.
Avoid overlapping keywords

Having multiple pages ranking for the same keyword can cause cannibalization. It is highly problematic and can negatively affect organic traffic and conversions. There are a number of ways to deal with it, including deleting the pages, changing optimization settings, and restructuring content.

One of the simplest ways to deal with cannibalization is to delete the pages that are ranked for the keyword. This can be done by manually checking them on Google Search Console. However, this can be time-consuming. A better option is to use an analytic tool to compare all of your pages for the keyword. The tool can then identify which pages have a problem.

Another option to avoid cannibalization is to use exact match keywords. This will reduce keyword overlap and allow you to ditch the keywords if you don’t see any improvement. However, it is important to check that the keywords are properly spelled and that they are not plurals.

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